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WP.1 Needs assessment for the people/students with disabilities at HEIs of Azerbaijan

1.1 Review of national and international legislation in the sphere

1.2 Defining the methods for needs assessment

1.3 Needs assessment at local partner Universities

1.4 Review and recommendations of EU partners

WP.2 Development of the guidelines and polices for the integration of students with disabilities into HEIs of Azerbaijan

2.1. Training on how to write the guidelines 

2.2 Development of the guidelines and policies

2.3 Training program for the staff on how to use the guidelines 

WP.3 Establishment of the Centers for Students with Disabilities

3.1 Purchasing of equipment for the Centers 

3.2 Procurement of study materials for the Centers

WP.4 Capacity building in each local partner universities for the involvement of students with disabilities into HEIs in Azerbaijan

4.1 Study visit to Disability Centers in EU

4.2 Staff training on working with students with disabilities 

4.3 Staff training on how to use assistive equipment

WP.5 Pilot program for the people/students with disabilities at local partner universities

5.1 Identifying and selecting participants for pilot program

5.2 Launching of pilot program

5.3 Evaluation of the results of the pilot program and recommendations for further improvements

WP.6 Dissemination and raising public awareness concerning people/ students with disabilities and their inclusion into HEIs of Azerbaijan

6.1 Designing and maintaining of the project’s web-site 

6.2 Printing and publishing of promotional materials

6.3 Workshops and seminars for raising public awareness

6.4 Dissemination and Final Conference

WP.7 Sustainability

7.1 Sustainability activities

WP.8 Quality control and monitoring 

8.1 Peer-reviews and monitoring reports

WP.9 Management of the project

9.1 Kick-off and regular meetings of consortium members

9.2 Project management and administration