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International Education Forum “Opening Minds-Going Global” Held at “Dunya” School
May 04, 2019

International Education Forum “Opening Minds-Going Global” was held on May 4-5, 2019, organized by Khazar University's “Dunya” School at the Conference-Concert Hall “İnjichicheyi” of the “Dunya” School. The purpose of the Forum is to discuss key issues related to education system changing, being influenced by the strong impact of globalization. The Forum focused on such topics as the Social change /Enlightenment Education; Early Childhood Education; Equality in Education; Education for Sustainable Development; Education and Teaching in the Information Age; Psychology, Teaching and Learning and other topics.

The Forum was attended by the experts from Jordan, Turkey, the Netherlands and Switzerland, representatives from the Ministry of Education, the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, Executive Power of Binagadi Region, Education Institute of the Republic of Azerbaijan and representatives of other organizations, the “Dunya” School and Khazar University Administration and Staff, Secondary School Managers and teachers, and experts.

After the Forum has been announced to commence its work, the film about “Dunya” School was demonstrated. Being an introduction to the film, Nailakhanim Isayeva, the co-founder of the “Dunya” School, who has led the school for many years, gave detailed information about the idea of the school's creation and the way of its realization. The film narrated in a comprehensive way, on the “Dunya” School as an innovative and prestigious educational hotbed in Azerbaijan's education system, its acquisition of international status, graduates’ building of outstanding careers by successfully continuing education at well-known foreign universities, and the exemplary learning environment created for students.

Professor Hamlet Isakhanli, the Founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, being invited to the stage after the film’s presentation, welcomed the participants and wished success to Forum’s work. The speaker noted in his broad speech that globalization is not just a matter of today, but it is connected to the future for we will inherit it to our young people. That is why everyone who thinks about the future should be concerned about this: “How do schools prepare today's students to become successful members in the global society, yet preserving their national identity?” Professor Hamlet Isakhanli expressed his confidence that the Forum will discuss such kind of important issues and come up with the sound recommendations.

Vedrana Pavletic, Head of the Regional Development Center for the International Baccalaureate Organization (Netherlands), said that the forum on "“Opening Minds-Going Global” retains its relevance and significance and is a thought-provoking issue for the world's education specialists. The speaker noted that organization and holding of this forum in the “Dunya” school, known in the international education system, is a desired legitimate event and will be effective.

Aygun Aliyeva, Deputy Head of Binagadi Executive Power, said that they always felt proud for such kind of education hotbed to be and to operate in this district, she further expanded on "Dunya" School’s recognition of the achievements locally and abroad, the education of the students to the world standards and shaping their world view.

The opening ceremony of the Forum completed with a concert program performed by the students from “Dunya” School.

The Forum continued its work on the same day and on May 5th with plenary and panel sessions. At the plenary sessions following keynote speakers delivered talks: Conrad Hughes, Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva (Switzerland), Member of the Advisory Board for the University of the People, (“Education in the 21st Century - 7 Challenges”); Mirna Al-Jouzi, School Principal at Aqaba International School (Jordan) (“Leadership in Education”); Dr. Mehmet Palancı expert in education from Turkey, psychologist (“The New Intelligence of Education”).

During the panel sessions, interesting presentations were delivered by Vedrana Pavletic, Mehmet Palanci, Anvar Abbasov (Institute for Educational Problems), Fazil Muradkhanli (European Azerbaijan School), Goshgar Maharramov (Azerbaijan Teachers Development Center), scientific worker Muhammad Ali Khan, Marufa Madatli, Director of “Dunya” School, and teachers - Jesus Rosas, Altuntach Mammadova, Zaur Mammadov, Giovanni Tovar, Shahane Safarova, Aynur Zulfugarova, Jamila Asgarova, Nargiz Mahmudzade, Ilaha Rahimova, as well as Khazar University’s faculty members - Associate Professor of Elza Samadli, Melek Karimova, Mustafa Alalawneh, Abdul Rahman Balogun and Muhammad Shittu.

Following the panel sessions, the Final Plenary Session took place. Professor Hamlet Isakhanli, Konrad Hughes, Mirna Al-Jouzi, Vedrana Pavletic and Mehmet Palanci made speeches and highly evaluated the results of the Forum. Professor Hamlet Isakhanli expressed his appreciation to foreign and local experts for their active participation in the Forum, and presented certificates to Konrad Hughes, Mirna Al Jouzi, Vedrana Pavletic and Mehmet Palancı.

After the Forum’s completion, a trip and a dinner was organized for foreign guests.